Why I Chose doTERRA

I have personally been using essential oils for over 30 years but it wasn't until 2014 that I got the inner calling to understand more about how essential oils can be used to support our physical and emotional well being.

By 2018, I knew that I wanted to jump in and share my passion for essential oils with my friends and family. When I heard the words "wellness advocate" in my first doTERRA meeting, I knew I had found my wellness peers and everything that I have learned and experienced with the doTERRA family since that first meeting has continued to support my focus on recommending and using top quality therapeutic grade oils and working with really inspiring and good people! 


How to get started

STEP ONE. Consultation - let's chat about your top health priorities. Think about your top three responses to these questions:

I want to feel less......

I want to feel more...

Then we'll review some simple solutions matching doTERRA essential oils to your health priorities. 

STEP TWO. Ordering oils - you get to choose how to you want to order: 

1. Place an Order - If you want to try 1 or 2 oils a year, then we'll place your order. There is no risk, no fees, but no discount. You will pay full retail pricing for your doTERRA oils.

2. Wholesale Membership - when you sign up as a wholesale member, you purchase a kit of the most popular oils to waive the $35 enrollment fee. You will then receive 25% discount on your oils and there is no monthly purchasing requirements.

3. Join the Team - I laugh when I talk about this because when I was first approached about doTERRA by my long-time friend Jewels, I made it very clear to her that I had no interest in starting a doTERRA business! No. Period. Nada. None! Well, that lasted about 2 weeks as I started experiencing how these oils made me feel and all the education, training, support and a unified vision of helping others along their path to wellness that our team shares, So, I selected to become a Wellness Advocate. At this level, you receive 25% discount on oils, 10 - 30% back in reward points on every order, make money while sharing about oils you love, and become a part of a VERY enthusiastic and supportive team (led by Jewels). Your monthly minimum investment is about $125/month but there is no long term commitment required. 

Contact me to start on your healing path with natural solutions for healthy, empowered livings with doTERRA.